She smiled at me then.

It was warm and sweet and shy, like a flower unfurling. It was friendly and honest and slightly embarrassed. When she smiled at me, I felt…

I honestly cannot think of how I could describe it. Lying would be easier. I could steal from a hundred stories and tell you a lie is familiar you would swallow it whole. I could say my knees went to rubber. That my breath came hard in my chest. But that would not be the truth. My heart did not pound or stop or flutter. That is the sort of thing they say happens in stories. Foolishness. Hyperbole. Tripe. But still…

Go out in the early days of winter, after the first cold snap of the season. Find a pool of water with a sheet of ice across the top, still fresh and new and clear as glass. Near the shore the ice will hold you. Slide out further. Farther. Eventually you’ll find the place where the surface just barely bears your weight. There you will feel what I felt. The ice splinters under your feet. Look down and you can see the white cracks darting through the ice like mad, elaborate spiderwebs. It is perfectly silent, but you can feel the sudden sharp vibrations through the bottom of you feet.

That is what happened when [she] smiled at me.

Now he walks in quiet solitude, the forest and the stream; seeking grace in every step he takes.


Jupiter and Venus seen from Poland, Earth, 2012, image by Marek Nikodem.









This is the world of equality. It’s horribly small.

I love how everyone who reblogs this knows exactly what it is about.

i would love to see Illinois on here.

can someone explain me this post? Thank you.

The places colored in have marriage equality. The rest do not. 

*whispers* Why aren’t the oceans coloured

Because fish are fascist homophobes

Iowa love


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Adventures do occur, but not punctually. —E.M. Forster, A Passage to India (via wordsnquotes)

sometimes i’m almost there

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